From ECG to ESG: Every beat matters

Founded on the fundamental need to address a better way to diagnose suspected heart rhythm problems, our vision today continues to be to deliver better data, better insights, and better health for all. We passionately strive to improve lives while adhering to the highest standards of integrity, remaining true to our values, and enhancing the well-being of our patients, employees, customers, and communities. iRhythm is dedicated to providing innovative services that positively impact the world, and we are proud of our ongoing efforts to serve our stakeholders on the planet we share. At iRhythm, every beat matters.

Our impact, by the numbers


of commercial lives eligible for coverage have access to Zio XT with no prior authorization requirement as of 2022 year end

Nearly 50%

of employees identified as ethnically diverse and more than 60% of employees identified as female


of product-related waste recycled through circularity measures as well as recycling and waste management partners

Social impact is the heart of what we do

iRhythm was founded on finding a fundamentally better way to diagnose heart arrhythmias and we are setting a new standard for how cardiac arrhythmias are diagnosed. We believe that our Zio service has the potential to improve healthcare outcomes due to its ability to detect more arrhythmias with a high degree of clinical accuracy, which allows for earlier changes in clinical patient management. We are committed to ensuring that the Zio service is accessible to every patient for whom a physician believes the monitor is medically necessary and have demonstrated a commitment to providing financial support for those patients who need it. As part of this commitment, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data for our customers is one of our highest priorities. We are dedicated to exceeding our customer’s expectations with respect to protected health information privacy and security by adhering to all relevant security requirements. To achieve these, we are focused on developing a diverse and engaged workforce and believe in the richness and quality of a working environment that is informed by people from all walks of life.

Robust governance structures enable long-term sustainability

Our Board of Directors oversees our company’s vision to deliver better data, better insights, and better health for all, and this includes oversight of management to support the competent and ethical operation of the company. Our directors take a proactive, focused approach to ensure that the company is committed to business excellence, ethical and honest conduct, and the highest levels of integrity. Furthermore, we believe that effectively managing ESG risks and opportunities drives business success, and that when fully integrated into the business, ESG can provide a competitive advantage. In 2023, the company established formal board oversight of ESG by revising the charters of two of its board committees, and we remain committed to incorporating ESG policies and initiatives into our business as a key driver of value creation for our stakeholders.

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