Sara Bender,

Sara Bender,, Chief of Staff

Sara Bender joined iRhythm in 2021 as Vice President of Corporate Strategy responsible for the Silent AF initiative. In her first year with the company, Sara transformed the initiative into a commercial program launch. In 2022, Sara was promoted to Chief of Staff to facilitate the company vision by providing oversight to strategic business initiatives and be the go-to person for the executive team, senior leaders, board of directors, and the CEO. Before iRhythm, Sara spent 13 years at LifeScan, a diabetes company previously owned by JNJ. She held many leadership roles across a variety of functions including corporate finance, national payer account management, retail and ecommerce marketing, digital health, and strategic partnership development. Prior to JNJ Sara worked in international development and volunteered for the Peace Corps. Sara holds an International MBA from the University of South Carolina and a Certified Managerial Accountant credential.

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